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Angela Newberry

Angela Newberry is a printmaker who works with linocuts, relief prints and screenprints, and is based both in the UK and in Australia.

Born in Surrey, England (1934) Newberry attended Kingston School of Art and the Royal College of Art, London (1954-1957) where she focused on printmaking and was tutored by Edward Bawden and Julian Travelyan. After graduation Newberry met and married the young architect Michael Newberry. The couple moved to the Surrey village of Capel where they built Panshanger, a single-story, flat-roofed house with a steel framework and, for the first time in England, with walls entirely made of glass. Here the couple had four children, Candace, Jocelyn, Peregrine and Piers.

In 1958 Newberry won the Vogue Talent Contest with a piece she wrote on the Panshanger house. This led to work, for a brief period, with Conde Nast (publishers of Vogue), in their publicity department, before she was head-hunted for the post of Assistant Art Editor at Queen Magazine (now Harper’s Bazaar). The arts generally were her concern, but she also focused on film. She joined a group of 16mm film-makers, wrote scripts and directed, and then pursued her interest with a year’s training (1974) at The London School of Film. By this point her marriage to Michael Newberry was dissolved, and instead of commuting, Newberry and her children moved to London. Here she took a position as Assistant Course Director at the London School of Film, or – as it was now renamed -The London International Film School.

At The London International Film School Newberry soon progressed to Course Director, but in tandem with her duties she continued to write film scripts. Her scriptwriting led to a first visit to Australia as she applied for, and gained, a position as Writer in Residence at The Sydney Film and Television School. A period of three months at the School ensued – an introduction to Australia which resulted in an ongoing fascination with the country, particularly, as evidenced in her subsequent artwork, with its Outback and huge unpopulated expanses. (If there is a defining subject matter for Newberry, it is the depiction of wilderness areas devoid of human influence, areas where nature speaks solely of itself, where the human hand has left no trace or track).

On her return to London Newberry took a post as visiting tutor at her alma mater the Royal College of Art. At the same time she reacquainted herself with printmaking by attending a course at the Falmouth School of Art. And encouraged by her friends Julian Travelyan and his wife Mary Fedden, Newberry then opened her first private studio. From 1984 Newberry has practiced full-time as a printmaker, in London, but also in Australia, where she opened a second studio, and where she now practices as printmaker for half of each year.

Angela Newberry

In each place, the UK and Australia, Newberry has sought the native land, its topography, its flora and fauna, as that which she wants to celebrate. She does so with acute sensitivity for locale – for the plants which grow in the particular place depicted, for the climate which influences and the geology which shapes. Her colours are often rich and bold, evidencing the strong rusty reds, blacks and vibrant greens of the Outback in Australia, or the lichen green and blue rocks of the Somerset beaches in the UK.

Newberry’s work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions in both of her chosen countries. In the UK at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition; Royal Exchange Gallery Manchester; the Natural History Museum, London, and at the Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London. In Australia at the Solander Gallery, Canberra; the Joshua McClelland Print Room, Melbourne; the Robin Gibson Gallery, Sydney, and at the Gippsland Regional Gallery, in Sale, Victoria.

Public Collections holding work by Angela Newberry include:

Newberry is collected by private collectors worldwide. Her work is held in major public collections, including at the Palace of Westminster, London; Manchester City Art Gallery, Manchester; the Ministry of Defence Collection, London, and the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra.

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